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EPIC: Michelle Obama Is FREAKING Out About What Tomi Lahren Just Said On Live TV

Tomi Lahren is a contributor to Fox News now, thanks to her no nonsense attitude.

She happily hands out reality check to the insane liberals who parade around thinking they know everyone.

The latest example of this is Michelle Obama’s very recent controversial comments on women who voted for Trump.

According to our source, The Lutchman Report, she said that women who voted for Trump voted “against their own voice.”  That were really shocking comments and being that 42% of women in the country voted for Trump, there was major backlash over these comments.

Michelle was slammed for her rude comments from all deplorable women across the nation. However, the greatest punch back was from Tomi Lahren.

He claimed:

“You’re dang right I voted against Hillary Clinton, and the fact Mrs. Obama thinks that makes me less of a woman tells you everything you need to know about the left. No Michelle, as a woman I did not want the first female president to be Hillary Clinton and for good reason. I also didn’t want another four years of your husband’s failed legacy.

Oh, and trust me, I didn’t lose my voice. You’re gonna hear my voice, loud and clear. How dare you diminish and degrade my vote! How dare you look down on Trump-supporting women!

Ya know, contrary to the left’s popular belief, you don’t have to march in the streets with female genitalia on your head to have a voice. See, millions of women made a different march, a march into the voting booth to vote for our interests, our country and Donald J. Trump.

Those are my final thoughts, Michelle. I hope you heard my voice and you’ll remember it next time you talk down to free-thinking, Trump-supporting, America-loving women.”

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Featured Image Source. H/T: The Lutchman Report.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Connie Carpenter

    February 9, 2018 at 8:44 pm

    thank you Tomi Lahren….You are so right and I applaud you..God Bless You.

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The hacktivist, also known as Anonymous, calls out Hillary Clinton for her many crimes, lies, and corrupt dealings.

It is time Hillary Clinton to be held accountable for her crimes against USA and humanity, altogether.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s time is definitely running out.

There certainly are a lot of things that Hillary Clinton seems to be accountable for, from destroying valuable evidence, leaving Americans to die in Benghazi, and even the email controversy. That turned out to be a major public controversy where Hillary herself used her family’s private email server for official communications during her tenure as United States Secretary of State.

According to our source, USA Politics Today,  the hacktivist has called out Hillary Clinton for having lying become second nature to her, maybe even the only nature.

“We know your real intentions, your real motives, your real plans,” the hacktivist has stated in the video, “And we know you’re backed by the same dark suits that are behind nearly every other US president.”

Saying that Hillary Clinton would not bring change, at least not in a positive way, the hacktivist has opened up many closed questions about the woman. He is reminding everyone of all the bad things Hillary Clinton has done like deleting 30,000 emails, lying while under oath, shady weapon deals.

“Because, we remember it all, as we do not forget and we do not forgive” the hacktivist said,  “You may have the public tricked, but we will expose everything. The truth is about to catch up with you. You thought you could hide from your pests, but you were wrong.”

The hacktivist is also saying that Hillary Clinton has forgotten that her husband Mr. Clinton does not use email, so when she said the server contained personal communication from her husband, she is straight out lying.

Scroll down the comments and tell us what you think.

Featured Image Source. H/T: USA Politics Today.

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WATCH: Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Moon Bat Whoopi Goldberg

Of ‘The View”, Ben Shapiro wiped the floor with Whoopi Goldberg .

In the matter of fact, he took issue with Goldberg idiotically comparing Trump to the Taliban.

According to our source, Red Nation Now, Shapiro declared:

“It turns out that not the Taliban. He’s not in favor of honor killings. In fact, it’s to stop the Taliban from coming into the country that he’s implementing some of these immigration policies. That is the basic idea behind all of this. Donald Trump’s entire stated purpose, with regards to stopping an influx from places like Yemen and Somalia is because he doesn’t want the culture of certain areas of the world infiltrating the United States.”

“What he means by that is radical islam. It’s not a muslim ban, because radical islam and muslims aren’t the same thing. But it is an attempt to fight the infiltration of radical islam into the West. So no, Donald Trump is not like the Taliban.” – he added.

After that Shapiro pinpointed the bigger-picture of the problem.

“The left cannot help themselves. They have to portray Trump as Satan more than Satan.”- he told.

It is well known that the left is obsessed with taking down Trump. Instead of building out their own platform and coming up with inspiring policies and gaining on that way the people’s confidence, Democrats have become the party of obstruction. In this moment their only real platform is resisting Donald Trump. With every step they do, they only show us how annoyed are they.

Obviously, Democrats will just keep losing elections, if they don’t get their act together soon.

However, maybe that’s not such a bad thing!

Scroll down to the comments and tell us what you think.

Featured Image Source. H/T: Red Nation Now.

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VIDEO: Punk Tries To Rob Armed TX Jogger – Jogger Shoots Him In The …

Unorthodox? Sure. But it WAS effective.

Even the joggers are armed in Texas. Consider that your ONLY warning, criminals.

Watch the video! You don’t want to miss this!

According to our source, Clash Daily, an armed robber was shot in the crotch while trying to rob a Texas man who was on a jog Wednesday. The Arlington Police Department declared that while it is still early in the investigation, detectives believe that the victim, a man in his 20s, was jogging to a local gym in the area. Then the victim noticed a pickup truck that appeared to be following him and circle in front of him in a business parking lot.

During the interrogation, the victim reported that a suspect, later determined to be a juvenile, exited from the passenger side of the pickup and pointed a firearm at him while demanding his property. The police say that in that moment the jogger pulled a gun from his backpack and opened fire on the armed robber. He hit the robber at least once somewhere in the crotch, but officials wouldn’t say exactly where in the crotch the robber was hit.

“We are not going to get that specific on injuries.” – said Christopher Cook, Arlington Police Department spokesman to the Washington Free Beacon.

The weird part is “wouldn’t say exactly where in the crotch.”

Have you EVER heard that phrase before? No one did.

We can only supposing what happened. Just like the off-camera scream in a horror movie, or that shadow you only see through the corner of your eye. It is all about our imagination, which tends to assume the worst.

‘… at least once … ‘ they said that too.

“He shot the Punk in the Junk.”

The funniest thing is that in Chicago, ‘shot in the junk‘ is a stat they actually track. Then again, when you have as many shootings as Chicago has, all KINDS of trends emerge.

Let’s share this ‘stupid criminal’ story with someone who might appreciate it.

Scroll down to the comments and tell us what you think.

Featured Image Source. H/T: Clash Daily.

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CNN Reporter Asked Sarah Huckabee if She Covered Up Domestic Violence, What She Said Next Made Him Shiver

Today, CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny asked Sarah Huckabee-Sanders if  she had any “regrets” about her personal involvement into the Rob Porter domestic violence allegations.

Zeleny read a quote from Porter’s ex-wife who personally attacked Huckabee-Sanders. In a comment piece, Colbie Holderness expressed her dismay at press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for not saying whether or not the President believed her and Porter’s other ex-wife Jennie Willoughby.

Holderness, claims that she was punched by her former husband during a violent relationship.
“Recognizing and surviving in an abusive relationship take strength. The abuse can be terrifying, life-threatening and almost constant. For me, living in constant fear of Rob’s anger and being subjected to his degrading tirades for years chipped away at my independence and sense of self-worth.” – she declared.

Porter has denied the allegations and accused them on a smear campaign.

“Above all, the president supports victims of domestic violence and believes everyone should be treated fairly and with due process.” Holderness added.

According to out source, Subject Politics, she said that  “She expected a woman to do better.” With that she implies that Sarah covered up the allegations. Of course, Huckabee-Sanders’ response shut down this nonsense.

“We do the very best job we can every single day. I would never presume to understand anything going on with that individual, nor would i think that she could presume what’s going on with me or the way that I’m responding. We’ve condemned domestic violence, in every way presume that I feel differently is simply a very strong mischaracterization of who I am, and who this White House is.”- Huckabee-Sanders told.

One more time Sarah proved that she is the best. Do you also think Sarah does a good job?

Scroll down to the comments and tell us what you think.

Featured Image Source. H/T: Subject Politics.

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Reporter Asked Sarah Huckabee if Trump Supports Domestic Violence, What She Said Next Left The Room in Silence

A few days ago, White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter resigned.

That was the reason reporters were chomping at the bit to ask Sarah Huckabee-Sanders about it today.

Porter resigned last Wednesday, like a result of allegations of verbal and physical abuse from his ex-wife. Porter has denied the allegations.

Over the weekend, President Trump tweeted that peoples lives are “being shattered and destroyed over a mere allegation” and urged everyone to let  “due process” play out. Also, the president put out a statement condemning domestic violence in “all forms”. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read the statement on Monday.

“The president and the entire administration take domestic violence very seriously and believe all allegations need to be investigated thoroughly. Above all, the president supports victims of domestic violence and believes everyone should be treated fairly and with due process.”- the statement read.

According to our source, Subject Politics, White House reporters ignored Pres. Trump’s statement,  and focused on the fact that he said people have a right to due process if they are accused. That was not surprising at all.

One reporter insinuated to Huckabee-Sanders that this means Pres. Trump supports or encourages domestic violence. 

“The Vice President said he was appalled by the allegations, why did the president not use this as an opportunity to say something like that? Why does he have to speak through you?” – reporter asked.

“The president has been clear multiple times, through myself and others that he condemns domestic violence in all forms.” – Sarah responded.

“He has not said it. Why has he not said it” – reporter continued.

“I’m the spokesperson for the White House and i’m saying it to you right now… If you were paying attention to what I just said, you would understand the opposite. He literally dictated that statement to me.” – Sarah added.

Sarah does a good job vs. these liberal media attacks. Do you think the same?

Scroll down to the comments and tell us what you think.

Featured Image Source. H/T: Subject Politics.

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